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About me

'Providing Physiotherapy to improve performance and accelerate healing'


Rebecca McClean provides animal Physiotherapy in North Yorkshire, based between York and Malton. McClean vet physio is a fully mobile service, providing tailored treatments to suit you and your animal. Rebecca will work closely with your vet to provide animal physiotherapy treatments which are appropriate for rehabilitation of your horse or dog.


Rebecca uses evidence based veterinary physiotherapy treatments on all animals in her care, keeping up to date with the latest research on new and current vet physio techniques by attending CPD events and reading appropriate literature.

Vet physio techniques frequently used by Rebecca include:

  • Massage

  • Range of motion​


  • ​Pole-work

  • Gymnastic Exercises

  • Lunging and Long Reining

  • All tailored to each specific case

  • H-Wave

Fully accredited by the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists
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