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Equine Physiotherapy

Equine Physiotherapy is widely accepted as a valuable tool for injury recovery and to enhance performance. The equine physiotherapist is trained to spot subtle and gradual changes in your horse, allowing them to address what is going on before it becomes an issue.

Your horse may benefit from physiotherapy if you have noticed any of the following

  • Unexplained poor performance

  • Reluctance to be tacked up and/or ridden

  • Changes in their behaviour, in hand or under saddle

  • General lethargy

  • Loss of condition in topline

  • Loss of muscle

  • Knocking down poles or missing strides to fences

  • Heavy in one or both reins

  • Loss of impulsion

  • Saddle slipping to one side

  • Napping, rearing, bucking or other ridden behavioural problems

  • Uneven wearing of shoes

  • Tripping


I provide treatment plans for rehabilitation after injury or surgery, tailored to your horse to suit the needs of you and your horse. I also provide treatment plans to improve your horses performance.

I offer a mobile service.

I also offer services at a reduced rate for group bookings for horses at the same yard.

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