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Veterinary Referral for Physiotherapy

By law, under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, all animals presented for physiotherapy must have prior veterinary consent.

This is for the safety and welfare of your animal. Some medical conditions and medications mean it would be unsafe to perform some physiotherapy techniques. Therefore I must have a full case history from your vet and have their approval to treat your animal.

I will work closely with your vet to achieve the best outcome for your animal, reporting back frequently on progress and on any changes in your animal’s condition.

Before booking an appointment you will need to speak to your vet about the suitability of physiotherapy for your animal. If they are willing to refer please ask them to complete the referral form (found to the right) or write a referral letter, this should be sent along with a copy of your animal’s clinical notes. Once the form or letter is completed you may book your first physiotherapy session.

Forms and clinical notes should be emailed to me at



or posted to,

Rebecca McClean,

Barton Moor Farm,



YO60 7QJ

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