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Canine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is now widely recognised by Veterinarians as being an effective treatment for your dog before and after surgery, after injury, and to improve your dog’s general health and wellbeing

Your dog may benefit from physiotherapy if they have;

  • Had recent surgery

  • Had an injury or accident

  • Lost ability or finding it difficult to do things they were previously able to do

  • Lost enthusiasm for going for walks or playing

  • Changed their behaviour without reason

  • Become stiff or slow

  • Developed arthritis

Spaniel and Retriever

I offer a flexible, mobile service, meaning your dog can reap the benefits of physiotherapy in the comfort of their own home your dog will be more relaxed and so the session will be more beneficial.

I can provide pre-operative Physiotherapy, to strengthen tissues to aid quicker recovery. Post-operative/ post-injury physiotherapy to provide pain relief, rebuild strength, regain mobility and correct gait abnormalities.

Neurological patients will also benefit from physiotherapy. Providing support for the muscles and joints which the patient is not capable of moving and using stimulus to improve proprioception.

Working dogs, agility dogs etc. should receive physiotherapy treatment more regularly to prevent injury and to improve your dog’s performance.

If you think your dog could benefit from physiotherapy or to find out more, speak with your vet or contact me on 07530046939 or via the
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